Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly

Is a continuing historic confessing church that has officially adopted the Westminster Confession of Faith of 1647 together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms as our subordinate standards. We further recognize the value of other Reformed creedal standards and their acceptable use among our churches in teaching the theology of the Reformation.

We are also unique as a denomination in that we:

  1. embrace the doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy
  2. maintain a literal twenty-four hour, six consecutive day creationist view of Genesis
  3. reject the modern day Erastian teaching of Church Incorporation
  4. practice male head-of-household voting
  5. encourage family-integrated church practices
  6. require an educated eldership
  7. adhere to a two office view of the church (Southern Presbyterian) while maintaining a three fold function of the eldership (preaching, teaching and governing)
  8. promote and support the training of our children in Christian educational institutions, especially in the home schooling method


Whitefield Theological Seminary

Training a new generation of Christian students around the world in the historic theology of the Reformation

If there is any hope for reformation in America and elsewhere, the Church of Jesus Christ must once again produce pastors who boldly proclaim the whole counsel of God with the anointing of His Spirit. We must establish theologically-sound institutions that meet the present educational needs of the church, and seek to train a new generation of ministers in the old, time-honored, biblical tradition. The mission of Whitefield Theological Seminary is to return to the historic theology and methodology God has blessed.


Whitefield College

Founded in 1980, in Lakeland Florida, Whitefield College offers Associate and Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Bible, Education, Philosophy, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Whitefield College offers Christ-centered, home-study programs for students seeking an alternative to the usual college experience. Our courses are specially geared for graduates who intend to teach their own children at home, teach in a Christian school, or prepare for other Christian vocations such as Pastor, Elder, Deacon, counselor etc.

A Whitefield Associate or Bachelor degree is also an excellent preparation for those intending to go on to other professional studies. Our degree programs will prepare you to apply the Christian faith to all aspects of life, to defend your faith, and teach it to others.


Christian Liberty Academy School System

CLASS homeschools

A flexible, affordable partnership offering godly education and academic excellence

Adding a Bible course to a secular curriculum does not constitute a Christian education. Your children’s education should be thoroughly Christian in philosophy and content. A Christian curriculum without high academic standards does not glorify God. CLASS considers both godly education and academic excellence to be of great importance.